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Core Curriculum Petitions

Submit a Core Petition

Before submitting any petition, you should

  • Check the Interactive Degree Audit system to see how your transfer and in-residence credit is currently being applied toward core and major requirement
  • Consult with your academic advisor
  • Review the Student Competencies for the requirement you are looking to fulfill through substitution coursework

The staff in the Vick Center for Strategic Advising & Career Counseling is available to consult with you on any questions about core petitions you or your advisor may have. Make an appointment online.

In accordance with 19 Texas Administrative Code §4.28(j), courses taken in residence will only satisfy core requirements when listed as a core curriculum course in the Catalog under which a student plans to graduate. UT Austin does not generally accept in-residence coursework in substitution for core requirements. Transfer credit may, however, be accepted to fulfill core curriculum requirements.

Students whose transfer work has been evaluated in such a way that it does not automatically satisfy a core or major requirement that the student believes it should satisfy have two recourses: (1) petition the Office of Admissions to reevaluate the transfer credit to assign a specific UT course number that will satisfy the requirement, or (2) request a core curriculum substitution by submitting a petition for core curriculum accommodation to the School of Undergraduate Studies. Please read the instructions on the form carefully and consider discussing your options with an academic advisor before submitting the petition. Transfer coursework proposed to satisfy a core requirement is evaluated based on the Student Competencies of the core area to which the student proposes that it apply.

The core curriculum rules and course lists for each Catalog are developed by faculty committees and approved by the Faculty Council, The University of Texas System, and Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. We take these requirements very seriously and enforce them strictly for students in all majors.

Core Complete from Texas Public Institutions

In accordance with 19 Texas Administrative Code §4.28, transferred coursework that is not evaluated as a direct equivalent to a UT Austin core course and not approved for credit by substitution will still be automatically counted toward appropriate core curriculum areas if transferred from another Texas public institution that considers the course part of its core curriculum. Students who complete the core curriculum at another Texas public institution are deemed to have satisfied the entire core curriculum at UT Austin.