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Information for Faculty & Staff

Core Course Lists

All changes to the core curriculum course lists must be approved by the Faculty Council on the recommendation of the Dean of Undergraduate Studies and the Undergraduate Studies Advisory Committee. Courses proposed for the core are evaluated on the basis of their ability to develop the Student Competencies that UT and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board have defined for each component of the core.

Proposals to add or remove a core course should be submitted on the core course proposal form and approved by the dean of the college or school offering the course prior to submission to the School of Undergraduate Studies. The preliminary deadline for submitting the core course proposal form is April 15, 2011, and the final deadline is August 15, 2011.


Flags are added to individual courses by the Undergraduate Studies Advisory Committee in consultation with university-wide faculty committees overseeing each flag. Proposals to add flags to courses are evaluated on the basis of the flag guidelines developed by the Faculty Council and the Undergraduate Studies Advisory Committee.

To propose a Flag for a course, log on to the online Flag Proposal System.

For additional information about flag criteria and teaching resources relating to the flag areas, visit the flag teaching page.

Signature Courses

To propose a Signature Course, click here.


For core curriculum, flag, and Signature Course assessment information, click here.