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Rhetoric 306

Credit for RHE 306 for eligible entering freshman

Students first admitted to UT Austin as freshmen who will be first enrolled at the university in the spring 2023 semester may be eligible to use the essay portion of the TSI Assessment (TSIA) to earn credit for RHE 306.

Students will be able to test in the following two ways:

  • ONLINE: Most students will and should opt to test online via a remote proctor. Our office has emailed every eligible student a testing code (called a “voucher”) through the testing platform. Students should search their email for a message from ACCUPLACER with the title “Remote Voucher Notification.” This email contains step-by-step instructions to register for the test, as well as their test code, or voucher number. They will have several testing time slots to choose from. Students must pay $25 via a credit or debit card at the time they register for their testing slot. The fee for claiming credit for RHE 306 is $30 and will appear on students’ What I Owe page.
  • IN-PERSON: Students who do not want to or are not able to test online will be able to test in person with Student Testing Services. Test dates will be available on the STS website where other testing dates are found. There is no additional fee to test in person. The fee for claiming credit for RHE 306 is $30 and will appear on students’ What I Owe page. If a student chooses to test in person, they can disregard the testing voucher they received in their email. Seating is limited and most students should plan on taking the test online.


When will eligible students be notified about this opportunity?
Eligible students who enroll at UT in spring 2023 will be notified of this opportunity on Jan. 4, 2023, once the university has received SAT/ACT/AP/IB testing scores and students enrolled in dual credit programs have submitted final college transcripts.

When should students take the TSIA?
As soon as students receive their vouchers through email, they can schedule their tests. Students who need RHE 306 credit as a prerequisite should consider testing as soon as possible. Students entering in spring 2023 should test by May 15, 2023. The firm deadline to test for students who entered in summer 2022 or fall 2023 was Jan. 3, 2023.

What score is required on the test in order to be able to claim RHE 306 credit?
The range of scores for the essay is one through eight. Students who earn a score of seven or eight will be able to claim credit for RHE 306.

How soon will students know their score?
In general, students should receive their score immediately after submitting the essay. In rare instances, it may take up to 24 hours to receive the score.

When can students claim RHE 306 credit based on their TSIA score?
Students with eligible scores can claim RHE 306 by visiting “View Scores and Claim Credit” on the STS website.

How many times can students attempt the TSIA to earn credit for RHE 306?
Students may only attempt this test two times. On the second attempt, the price will increase by $10. Students who score lower than a seven on their first attempt and who want to request a voucher for a second attempt should send an email that includes their EID.

How can students prepare?
Students can find information about the TSIA essay here. There are no multiple-choice questions on this exam. It is a single essay, and a prompt will be provided.

Questions? Email us. Students, be sure to include your EID and catalog.