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Core Curriculum Assessment

The purpose of the Core Curriculum Assessment at UT Austin is to gather course materials and student work to document and assess the degree to which students demonstrate outcomes for each component area. This will inform our understanding of the Core Curriculum and its impact on student learning, as well as provide faculty an opportunity to share instructional practices across departments and colleges. This effort is not at all designed to evaluate the instructor; it is a part of a large-scale effort to assess how students at UT are succeeding in acquiring the knowledge and skills expected in the Core Curriculum.

Our Approach is Collaborative
UT Austin’s Core Curriculum is overseen by a single, central academic unit (School of Undergraduate Studies).

  • We seek frequent faculty input via the Core Curriculum Advisory Committee, departments, and course instructors;
  • Apply institution-specific definitions for state requirements;
  • Engage in collaborative two-way communication between administrative units; and
  • Use an improvement-oriented approach, which builds on previous results and incorporates new knowledge, emerging techniques, and best-practices.

Current Assessment Cycle
Each year, two Core Curriculum component areas are assessed. Faculty instructing a spring semester course that is part of the Core Curriculum component area being assessed that year participate by identifying relevant assignments from their course and submitting student work samples. Using the faculty-developed rubrics, the student work samples are assessed. Aggregated results for the Core Curriculum component area are shared.

Details on the current Assessment Cycle can be found on the Assessment Schedule.

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