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The University of Texas at Austin believes that every undergraduate should be exposed to a set of important skills and experiences designed to prepare them for a complex world. Unlike the core requirements, flags are taught across the curriculum so that students learn about writing or ethical decision-making, for example, in the context of their own discipline.

Whereas the 42-hour core requires students to take courses outside of their major requirements, students may satisfy flag requirements with courses that also count toward their major, core curriculum, or elective requirements. The CCC has provided a list of flag requirements for the 2010-12 catalog.

The School of Undergraduate Studies is working with the dean’s offices in each of the colleges and schools on timelines for including flag requirements in their degrees. In the 2012-14 catalog, we anticipate that most colleges and schools will require most of the flags as part of their degree plans.

When skills and experience flags are fully implemented in undergraduate degree plans, all students will be required to complete coursework in each of the following flag areas:

For more information about the flags initiative, please see History, Philosophy, and Purpose.