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Undergraduate Studies Staff Offer Range of Assessment Perspectives

Dr. Cassandre AlvaradoUT Austin Assessment Dialogue
Wednesday, April 17, 2013
MAI 212
1:30-2 p.m.: Poster session
2-3:15 p.m.: Panel introduction and dialogue
3:15-3:45 p.m.: Q&A session with panelists

On Wednesday, April 17, six experts on assessment, including Dr. Cassandre Alvarado from this school, will offer perspectives on the topic through dialogue. Topics include what assessment looks like in each panelist’s area and what panelists hope to achieve through assessment. A question and answer session will follow. Panelists include

  • Cassandre Alvarado, assistant dean for assessment and college readiness, School of Undergraduate Studies
  • Brian Bremen, associate professor, Department of English
  • Patrick Davis, senior associate dean for academic affairs, College of Pharmacy
  • Jennifer Ebbeler, associate professor, Department of Classics
  • Sacha Kopp, associate dean for curriculum and programs, College of Natural Sciences
  • Gale Stuart, director of assessment, Division of Student Affairs

The panel follows a poster session featuring assessment work from across campus, including several from Undergraduate Studies staff. Posters by Undergraduate Studies staff include

The Assessment Dialogue highlights the value and range of assessment knowledge and activities across campus and hopes to facilitate sharing innovations. The event is co-organized by representatives from several offices and schools around campus, including Dixie Sorenson from Undergraduate Studies.

Assessment in Undergraduate Studies

Assessment efforts in the School of Undergraduate Studies seek to understand how our programs promote student learning and effective teaching. Our approach is action centered. We emphasize using results to initiate program improvement by providing assessment data that are timely, specific, and relevant to a variety of audiences, including faculty, staff, students, campus leaders, and accrediting organizations.

Assessment at UT Austin

Assessment is a hot topic in higher education as faculty members and staffers look for effective methods and processes to drive improvement and increase student success. At The University of Texas at Austin, dynamic and creative methods are used across campus, and now is the time to share these assessment efforts with a wider UT audience.

The posters will display assessment practices and projects taking place on campus. Poster participants will be available to discuss the displayed information and answer questions. The panel will include campus assessment experts from different academic, administrative and student support programs.

Sponsored by the Office of Institutional Accreditation and Program Assessment (IAPA) and the Assessment Coordinators’ Network (ACN).

For more information contact:
Linda Neavel Dickens, Office of Institutional Accreditation and Program Assessment
Dixie Sorensen, School of Undergraduate Studies
Rochelle Roberts, College of Pharmacy
Krystal Wyatt-Baxter, UT Libraries