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2018 Student Fellows

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Isaac Gorman BLP fellow
Major: Rhetoric and Writing
Graduation Year: 2020
"Entrepreneurship is a vehicle for creative people to improve their communities."
Blackstone Launchpad Student Fellow Ibukun Oladejo
Major: Aspiring Textiles & Apparel
Graduation Year: May 2020
"Always believe in yourself no matter what."
LaunchPad Student Fellow Salman Charolia
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Graduation Year: May 2019
"Entrepreneurship is a way to showcase true leadership and help people solve problems that exist within society."
Aaron Estrada headshot
Major: Communication
Graduation Year: Spring 2018
"Being able to work for myself and take full ownership of my work is something that I take tremendous pride in."
LaunchPad Student Fellow Rohan Trivedi
Major: Finance, Management Information Systems
Graduation Year: May 2020
"Entrepreneurship is leveraging rapidly accelerating technologies in innovative ways to unlock solutions that can positively impact billions of lives."