Blackstone LaunchPad


Blackstone LaunchPad at UT Austin opened its doors in April 2017. The LaunchPad is an interdisciplinary, cross-campus effort designed to introduce entrepreneurship as a viable career path for UT Austin students, while cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset among faculty and staff. Our resources allow individuals to explore entrepreneurship at their own pace, while creating an inclusive environment that enhances diversity by developing women and minority-led businesses and programs.

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Why Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is for everyone. Entrepreneurship is not just about starting new ventures; it is about developing an entrepreneurial mindset and skillset.

An entrepreneurial mindset is opportunity-seeking, risk-taking, persistent, resourceful, and is able to tolerate failure. An entrepreneurial mindset can empower individuals to create their own future or create jobs for others, generate wealth, and give back to the world.

Entrepreneurial skills are an important part of the campus community. Whether you are studying art, music, history, or biology, entrepreneurship enables you to apply what you are learning to the real world and allows you to create your future.


Entrepreneurship extends well beyond founding companies and pitching to investors. The entrepreneurial mindset has direct applications: applying concepts to real world situations and empowering individuals to create their own futures. Blackstone LaunchPad helps develop the entrepreneurial mindset at UT Austin.

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