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Student Profiles

Click on a student’s name or picture to learn more about their experiences with the Bridging Disciplines Program in the School of Undergraduate Studies. To view student success stories from other UGS programs, visit the student success page.

Hannah Evans headshot
Major: Youth and Community Studies
BDP Certificate: Social Entrepreneurship & Non-profits
Graduation Year: Spring 2018

Hannah Evans researched play therapy environments for children affected by trauma and implementation strategies for non-profit organizations curating a play therapy room. This research drew on her Youth and Community Studies major background and highlighted the Youth and Family strand focus of her Social Entrepreneurship & Non-Profit BDP.]

“Completing this project was challenging and frustrating at times, but I persevered and feel proud of the final product.”
Heather Henry
Major: Communication Studies
BDP Certificate: Social Entrepreneurship & Non-profits
Graduation Year: Spring 2016

Heather Henry, a Social Entrepreneurship & Non-profits BDP student, learned fundraising strategies and ethics as a development intern for the Ronald McDonald House of Central Texas (RMHC). After finishing her communication studies degree next spring, Heather plans to attend graduate school and then work in the nonprofit world, ultimately hoping to lead an organization.

“This internship has solidified for me that I would like to work in nonprofit administration, and it has helped me to realize that I am passionate about fundraising for a mission that means something to me.”
Hyojung "Joomi" Lee
Major: Art History
BDP Certificate: Digital Arts & Media
Graduation Year: Summer 2015

Joomi Lee, an art history major pursing a Digital Arts & Media BDP certificate, sought a way to apply her digital art skills within an art history context. The result: her creative project, a 3D digital rendering of an ancient Buddhist monument that was destroyed by war in 2001. While working on this project, Joomi discovered her calling; she now hopes to pursue a career in digital restoration.

“I was thrilled that this project would yield the opportunity of connecting historical research and digital production with my imagination, all at the same time.”
Ivi Brown
Major: Social Work
BDP Certificate: Conflict Resolution & Peace Studies
Graduation Year: Fall 2013

Ivi took an ethnographic approach to study the social situation of Kayayei, a group of displaced, mistreated tribal women in Ghana for her Conflict Resolution & Peace Studies BDP certificate. To this end, she worked with NGOs while in Ghana and interviewed political officials. She wrote a paper outlining her interviews and the situation of the Kayayei.

"This life-changing experience has allowed me to develop a more in-depth understanding about the complexities that lie within issues such as the Kayayei conflict and the various paradigms involved."
Ivonne Estrella
Major: Psychology and Linguistics
BDP Certificate: Children & Society

Ivonne completed the Children & Society BDP and completed a connecting experience in Mexico.

Jakki Davison Headshot
Major: English
BDP Certificate: Environment & Sustainability
Graduation Year: Spring 2018

Jaclyn Davison, completing a BDP in Environment & Sustainability and majoring in English, spent the summer of 2017 studying abroad in Botswana. While there, she conducted additional research, evaluating the sustainability and eco footprint of the faculty-led program Climate Change, Ecosystems, and Human Dynamics.

“I really want to continue to work with people and cultures, understanding how society influences the environment and vice versa.”
Jacob Hethcock
Major: Mechanical Engineering & Engineering Honors
BDP Certificate: Innovation, Creativity & Entrepreneurship
Graduation Year: Spring 2020

During his internship with Urban Mining Company, Jacob Hethcock drew on his engineering knowledge to uncover removal and recycling methods for the environmentally focused startup. The Mechanical Engineering major, who is completing a BDP in :Innovation, Creativity & Entrepreneurship”:bdp/programs/ice, also honed his professional communication skills and discovered a desire to incorporate altruism into his future career.

“Through my internship at Urban Mining Company, I had the opportunity to witness the interaction of different disciplines to fulfill customer needs in an entrepreneurial startup, growing my perspective and preparing me for future interactions with coworkers of different backgrounds.”
Jacqueline Hernandez
Major: Radio-Television-Film
BDP Certificate: Digital Arts & Media
Graduation Year: Spring 2017

For her Creative Project, Jacqueline Hernández, an RTF major completing the Digital Arts & Media BDP, developed a series of artworks depicting the signs of the zodiac using the Adobe Creative Suite which allowed her to hone her style as an artist.

“Using all the new skills and concepts that I learned throughout my BDP experience really helped me evolve into a more mature artist.”
James Rauhut
Major: Management Information Systems
BDP Certificate: Digital Arts & Media
Graduation Year: Spring 2015

Digital Arts & Media BDP student James Rauhut set out to build a bridge between science and faith during his last semester at UT. His creative project, Alpha of Genesis, is an interactive web experience blending text from the Bible’s opening chapter with astrological, biological, and chemical images, among others. The experience not only helped James hone his web development skills, but also sparked meaningful conversations on the topic of religion and science.

“Overall, each phase of the project has pushed me to learn a new aspect of web design. This will be very helpful when I start my full-time job soon.”
Jasmine Barnes
Major: Sociology
BDP Certificate: Media, Culture & Identities
Graduation Year: Summer 2017

Summer 2017 graduate Jasmine Barnes, completing her BDP in Media, Culture & Identities with a focus in Identities, Communities & Place, interned with the Longhorn Center for Community Engagement (LCCE)’s Alternative Breaks – Austin trip. As a Trip Leader, Jasmine developed curriculum on social justice as well as trained and led a group of students in exploring and documenting East Austin minority communities, highlighting their stories and experiences through short videos featuring interviews with community members.

“This Connecting Experience taught me so much about my strengths and weaknesses as well as my passions. I know moving forward that storytelling, social justice and collaboration will be crucial parts of my life and potentially my career."