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Zoe Labos

Zoe Labos
Communication Sciences & Disorders
Graduation Year:
Spring 2017
BDP Certificate:
Children & Society
“Through my Connecting Experience I realized that I enjoy developing content for children's programming that encourages creativity and self-expression.”

An internship at The Contemporary Austin offered Children & Society BDP student Zoe Labos an opportunity to learn creative ways of engaging children and families with the arts, a concept she hopes to take with her in her future career as a Speech Language Pathologist.

How did you find your internship?
I found my internship online after searching “children arts internships.”

Describe the work you did in your internship.
As a family programs intern, I helped plan and develop art and movement activities for family art making workshops, which involved researching artists whose art is on display at the Contemporary Austin, and creating developmentally appropriate activities that explore the themes and techniques of contemporary art.

What was the most rewarding aspect of your Connecting Experience?
The most rewarding aspect of my internship was using my own artistic abilities and creativity to develop art activities and inspire families to create their own art.

In what ways has this Connecting Experience shaped your plans for the future?
Through my Connecting Experience I realized that I enjoy developing content for children’s programming that encourages creativity and self-expression. As a result, I hope to develop activities that promote self-expression as a future Speech Language Pathologist.

Discuss the relationship you had with your faculty mentor and how they helped you during this Connecting Experience.
I maintained weekly contact with my faculty mentor, in addition to taking one of her classes that met twice a week. Through our weekly contact, my faculty mentor raised questions and provided suggestions that I used to strengthen my thought process when addressing topics and issues that I faced during my internship.