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Hannah Evans

Hannah Evans headshot
Youth and Community Studies
Graduation Year:
Spring 2018
BDP Certificate:
Social Entrepreneurship & Non-profits
“Completing this project was challenging and frustrating at times, but I persevered and feel proud of the final product.”

Hannah Evans researched play therapy environments for children affected by trauma and implementation strategies for non-profit organizations curating a play therapy room. This research drew on her Youth and Community Studies major background and highlighted the Youth and Family strand focus of her Social Entrepreneurship & Non-Profit BDP.

Please describe your project and how you came up with the idea
My research project examines play therapy environments and materials for children affected by trauma. Through this project, I learned how important the quality of the environment and materials is in play therapy, and how the environment and materials need to change if a child is affected by trauma. I read through dozens of research articles to ultimately develop an informational packet for non-profit organizations to utilize when curating a play therapy room.

What was the most rewarding aspect of your Connecting Experience?
I feel as though my project is professional and could potentially be legitimately useful for those in the non-profit world. Completing this project was challenging and frustrating at times, but I persevered and feel proud of the final product.

In what ways has this Connecting Experience shaped your plans for the future?
This experience has made me feel optimistic that my plan to pursue child counseling – potentially within a non-profit organization – is the right path for me.

Discuss the relationship you had with your faculty mentor and how they helped you during this Connecting Experience.
There could have been no better person to be my faculty mentor than Dr. Amy Bryan. She is supportive and full of an abundance of knowledge about my interests and research topic. I could tell that she sincerely cared about my well-being and how deeply I was learning.