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Global Studies

Please note: The Global Studies BDP is no longer accepting applications as of Spring 2015. However, many other BDPs allow students to study international topics through coursework and experiential learning. For example, Human Rights & Social Justice BDP students can study international human rights issues; Social Entrepreneurship & Non-profits BDP students can focus on international development; and Conflict Resolution & Peace Studies BDP students can study global conflict resolution. If you are a student wishing to discuss your interests in global issues and how these interests may align with a BDP, please contact the BDP office to schedule an appointment.

The Global Studies (formerly International Studies) BDP offers students the opportunity to explore a variety of timely themes in a global context. Recognizing that we live in an era in which international understanding is increasingly crucial, this BDP provides students with international study and experience across a variety of disciplines, including area studies, government, history, communications, and international business.

Five strands have been developed to focus student interest and provide a historical perspective for some of the most important international issues of our time

  • Cultures in Context
  • International Conflict
  • International Political and Economic Development
  • International Trade
  • Transnational Security and Terrorism

To learn more about each strand, download the Global Studies Strand Descriptions (PDF).

An interdisciplinary faculty panel guides students in selecting courses and participating in connecting research and internship experiences, which students are encouraged to pursue through study abroad opportunities.

Advising for current students in the Global Studies BDP

Requirements for the Global Studies BDP