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Ethics & Leadership Student Profiles

Students in the Ethics and Leadership BDP form a community with shared interests in becoming thoughtful, responsible leaders and in understanding the ethical dimensions of issues we face in contemporary professional, political, and social contexts. Ethics and Leadership students have come from a wide range of majors at UT, including Accounting, Advertising, Biology, Business, Engineering, Government, History, Journalism, Nursing, Political Communication, Pre-Med, Public Relations, Sociology, Social Work, and many others.

Name: Katie Tran
BDP: Ethics and Leadership
Major: Human Biology and Sociology

What did you do for your Connecting Experience?
My connecting experience was a year-long independent research project about how people with diabetes communicate with their health care providers. I want to discover what qualities and communication skills people with diabetes value in their health care provider to help develop better ways of improving this type of communication.

How has the BDP helped shape your plans for the future?
The coursework I’ve completed for my Ethics of Health Care strand has broadened my perspective on different issues in our health care system today. The knowledge I’ve gained in my ethics courses about the humanistic side of medicine will better prepare me for what lies ahead as I pursue my career goals.

What would you want other students to know about the BDPs?
I would recommend that students keep an open mind about what challenges and opportunities to undertake during their undergraduate career at UT. As a freshman, I had the impression that research was much like the science fair projects I hated in high school, and that I wouldn’t be interested in any subject but biology. However, the interdisciplinary curriculum of the BDP helped me to discover my interests in sociology and researching a topic that interests me. The experiences from the program and guidance from the BDP advisors helped me achieve a well-rounded experience at UT that I wouldn’t otherwise have had.

Coming soon — past profiles of Ethics and Leadership students.

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