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Digital Arts & Media Student Profiles

Students in the Digital Arts and Media BDP form a community with shared interests in creating innovative digital media and analyzing its impact on society. Digital Arts and Media students have come from a wide range of majors at UT, including American Studies, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Plan II, Psychology, Radio-Television-Film, Studio Art, and many others.

Name: Paul Marbach
BDP: Digital Arts and Media
Major: Music (Electronic Music)

What/where was your connecting research or internship experience?

My Connecting Experience was the first-ever UT Game Development Course. This “class,” which was more like a super-intense project/crash-course in game design essentials, took 10 students from completely different backgrounds, gave them the basic tools to develop games (namely Game Salad, a visual programming environment for game development), and let them loose. Our programming background was limited. Very few of the students came from a Computer Science background, while 3 out of 10 were musicians. We were quickly thrown into the fire of adaptation and began developing our games immediately based solely on our own creative gut. What emerged was a sleek Game Development Showcase with 8 fully-functioning GameSalad games, an iPhone game, and a 3D Half-Life mod with an unforgettable story.

What were the highlights of your connecting experience and what did you learn from it?

I learned a LOT about my own creative process through attacking a medium which was foreign to me. I learned what a game developer acts like, and what a game developer actually wants from a composer. I learned how to program, which was pretty useful. The highlight of the course was getting to know all of the amazing and passionate individuals crazy enough to devote a huge chunk of their time to game development. They helped me remember why I want to write video game music: because I love it so much!

How have the BDPs helped shape or influence your plans for the future?

I have always had a passion for video game music. In the BDP, through my Connecting Experience, I was able not only to write my very first video game scores, but design, program, and market games as well. I gained perspective on the larger issues of game design, which in turn augments my ability to write effective game music and empathize with the needs of future clients.

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