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Children and Society Student Profiles

Students in the Children and Society BDP form a community with shared interests in the psychology, development, education, health, and social welfare of children in the US and around the world. Children and Society students have come from a wide range of majors at UT, including Applied Learning and Development, Business, Communication Studies, Education, Human Development and Family Sciences, Government, Mexican-American Studies, Psychology, Social Work, and many others.

Name: Courtney Stollon
BDP: Children and Society
Majors: Psychology, English, and Social Work

Why did you apply to the Children and Society BDP?
I applied to the Children and Society BDP because of my lifelong interest in child development and a desire to eventually work as a therapist for traumatized children. Since therapy and human development both draw from a variety of disciplines, the Children and Society BDP seemed like the perfect opportunity learn about how a variety of approaches can collaborate for a stronger treatment experience.

How have the BDPs helped influence your plans for the future?
The BDPs have helped shape my plans for the future mainly by giving me the resources I need, such as faculty mentors, research experiences, and internships, to help me realize my goals. They have also helped me learn about my many post-graduate options.

What was your connecting research or internship experience?
I’m currently in my second semester of a connecting experience with Dr. Jacqueline Woolley of the Psychology department, studying how children learn to differentiate between fantasy and reality. I hope to complete an internship at a social services agency for my second connecting experience. The highlights of my connecting experience have been the opportunity to help develop and run proposed research studies. In addition to learning much more about child psychology than I could in a classroom, I have learned how to plan and operate “real-world” research projects — something that I feel will be very helpful in graduate school and beyond.

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