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Student Requirements and Basis for Grading

The BDP program has the following requirements and expectations of all students engaged in Connecting Experiences.

  • Participation in two mandatory Connecting Experience Check-ins
  • Completion of a three to five-page Reflection Essay due on the last class day of the semester. As the student’s faculty mentor, you may request that the student also turn in a copy of the Reflection Essay to you; however, instructions for the Reflection Essay should not be changed.
  • Students participating in internship experiences are required to complete 160-180 hours of internship experience.

Students must also meet the following expectations (included in the Connecting Experience contract)

  • Agreeing on a plan for the semester with the faculty mentor before the Connecting Experience begins, including academic requirements and a plan for student/professor meetings during the semester. Students are responsible for knowing the expectations for course credit, including any departmental requirements when using a non-BDP course number.
  • Keeping their faculty mentor informed about their work and seeing guidance when needed.
  • Being self-motivated. Students are expected to be active and reliable participants in Connecting Experience. The faculty mentor or internship supervisor should not have to prompt students to show up for work or a meeting or to finish a project.
  • For Connecting Experiences abroad, complying with the regulations outlined by the Study Abroad Office for undergraduate student travel abroad.
  • For projects involving human subjects, obtaining approval from the IRB before beginning the human subjects research. The BDP office will prompt students who describe human subjects research in their proposals to get in touch with the IRB, but students are responsible for contacting the IRB to determine whether IRB approval is required.
  • Following the University of Texas at Austin Honor Code and Standard of Academic Integrity.

Additional Faculty Expectations of the Student

The academic expectations for the student are at the discretion of the faculty mentor and should be outlined in the Connecting Experience contract. Please work with your student to develop expectations, requirements, and a basis for grading that makes sense with the specific focus and details of the student’s experience.

Whether the Connecting Experience is a research experience or an internship, you have the discretion to ask the student to complete readings and assignments that will enhance the experience and support the academic side of the student’s learning. We do ask that you consider the level and intensity of the requirements for the experience as a whole, so as not to either overburden the student with or make the workload too light. (For example, if a student is dedicating 160 hours to an internship, it might be more appropriate to require short writing assignments, readings, or journals entries rather than a long research paper.)

For some examples of possible assignments for research, internship, and creative project Connecting Experiences, please see Suggestions for Assignments.