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Connecting Experiences Resources

Every BDP student must participate in at least one Connecting Experience in order to complete a BDP certificate.

Connecting Experiences can take several forms:

  • an undergraduate research experience, which might be a research assistantship or an independent research project
  • an internship experience with a non-profit organization, government agency, or business
  • a creative project designed to contribute to a digital art/media portfolio (for Digital Arts and Media students)

Connecting Experiences give students hands-on experience applying the skills and knowledge gain in their BDP classes, a context within which to enhance their understanding of their interdisciplinary BDP topic, and the opportunity to reflect on their interests, strengths, and goals for the future.

Finding your Connecting Experience Opportunity

Going Abroad

Many BDP students do a Connecting Experience while studying abroad. If you are going abroad and want to do a research project or internship, planning early with BDP and the Study Abroad Office is key. Study Abroad developed a chart (PDF) to help you navigate what steps you need to take while doing a Connecting Experience abroad.

Examples of Previous Experiences

Connecting Experiences give you the opportunity to customize your BDP certificate. To learn about what students have done in the past, read these Connecting Experience spotlights.

Finding a Faculty Mentor

Faculty mentors provide academic supervision of the Connecting Experience. The mentor will meet the student before experience, maintain regular contact throughout the semester, assist students with new concepts and skills, help students make connections to their BDP topic, and assign the final grade. Learn more about finding a faculty mentor.

Funding your Connecting Experience

There are several ways to fund your Connecting Experience. Read about funding resources from the BDP office and around campus.

Proposing your Connecting Experience

Your experience cannot count as a Connecting Experience without submitting a proposal signed by your faculty mentor. Learn more about the requirements and access forms to propose your Connecting Experience.

Completing your Connecting Experience

Once your Connecting Experience is approved, you can get to work. There are a few BDP requirements you will need to fulfill throughout the semester in order to complete the experience and receive credit toward your certificate.