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Finding a Faculty Mentor

Faculty mentors provide academic supervision of the experience. The mentor will meet the student before the experience, maintain regular contact throughout the semester, assist students with new concepts and skills, help students make connections to their BDP topic, and assign the final grade.

Reflect on what you want in a faculty mentor

  • Consider how much guidance you need
  • Think about what kind of expertise you are looking for—disciplinary? related to BDP topic?
  • Use our Faculty Mentor Worksheet for internship (PDF) or research (PDF) to guide you

Search for a faculty mentor

  • Consider previous or current course instructors
  • Talk to your BDP advisor
  • Search the BDP faculty panel of your certificate
  • Network at on-campus events, lectures, or presentations
  • Search department websites
  • Use EUREKA

Contact a potential faculty mentor

  • Research his/her interests and background
  • Craft an email that briefly describes your project and ask to meet
  • Meet with the professor and discuss your interests, goals, and questions
  • Be prepared to discuss the help you will need

Tips for emailing professors

  • Be brief, respectful, and demonstrate your interest in his/her expertise
  • Use “Professor” as the title when addressing the faculty member
  • State how you found the professor
  • Briefly describe your project
  • Suggest a meeting to discuss your project, academic interests, and what it would mean for him/her to be your faculty mentor