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To have a successful internship, please:

  • Plan ahead so you can meet deadlines
  • Keep in touch with your BDP advisor to discuss your plans


Address Ethical Questions

No matter what type of project you do for your Connecting Experience, make sure to consider the potential challenges and rewards of engaging with a new community. What does it mean to be a responsible social justice practitioner? See our handout on responsible community engagement (PDF) for more information.


Connecting Experiences give you the opportunity to customize your BDP certificate. BDP students have interned with a wide variety of businesses and non-profits, such as Intel, the Contemporary Austin, Kimberley Clark, the MD Anderson Cancer Center, and more. To learn about what other students have done in the past, read these Connecting Experience spotlights.

Resources for Finding an Internship

  • Talk to your BDP advisor about our internal Internship Resources Database
  • Visit the career services office in your college
  • Attend internship fairs
  • Visit company websites
  • Network at on-campus events
  • Use your own network of friends, family, professors, and professional organizations, and acquaintances


If you have any internship resources you would like to share with BDP students, please email the BDP Internship Coordinator, Joanna Tryon.