Bridging Disciplines Programs

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To have a successful internship, make sure to

  • Plan ahead so you can meet deadlines
  • Keep in touch with your BDP advisor to discuss your plans


  • Clarify your interests and objectives
  • Use our Evaluating Internship Hosts (PDF) document to help you assess potential internship hosts
  • Learn how to approach your internship to create a meaningful and mutually beneficial experience by reading our Effective Internship Practices (PDF) document

Resources for Finding an Internship

  • Talk to your BDP advisor about our internal Internship Resources Database
  • Visit the career services office in your college
  • Attend internship fairs
  • Visit company websites
  • Network at on-campus events
  • Use your own network of friends, family, professors, and professional organizations, and acquaintances


Address Ethical Questions

No matter what type of project you do, it is important to approach your Connecting Experience with an understanding of the potential challenges and rewards of engaging with a new community. What does it mean to be responsible in your research? See our handout on Responsible Community Engagement (PDF) for more information.