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Cultural Studies Connecting Experiences

All Cultural Studies students are required to participate in at least two Connecting Experiences as part of their BDP work. Take a look at what some Cultural Studies students have done recently for their BDP Connecting Experiences, then read on for additional information and resources.

Past Connecting Experiences

Connecting Experiences Spotlight

Tony Keffler

Major: Latin American Studies
Type of Experience: Research, “Repression and Expression in Queer Cuban American Culture”
Mentor: Frank Guridy, History Department

Discuss the process you went through to gain access to different literature.
The Benson Latin American Collection on campus is an amazing resource at the University of Texas, and I spent many hours researching in their stacks. With a plethora of literature to choose from, it was more of a struggle choosing what not to include rather than finding enough literature. In the end, my project focused on the work of Achy Obejas, particularly her novel Memory Mambo, and the short story “We Came All the Way from Cuba So You Could Dress Like This?”

I also did research at Florida International University in Miami, Florida. I attended their annual academic conference on Cuban affairs. Because Miami and South Florida is the home of the largest population of Cuban-Americans in the Unites States, researching in Miami was an obvious choice.

Describe your research project and your interest in the subject area.
My project focused on queer literary production of Cuban-Americans, tying the queer experience of exile from Cuba with the queer lives of LGBTQ Cuban-Americans. As a Latin American Studies student this project interested me on a historical, political and cultural level. Cuba and Cuban exiles have had a very special relationship with the United States and with this project I really got to develop my expertise on Cuban Studies, and especially the history of LGBTQ affairs in Cuba.

How did this experience connect to your BDP?
This experience connected to my Cultural Studies BDP in that I had the opportunity to examine two cultures, the LGBTQ and Cuban-American culture, and their intersections. Through literature, I not only examined this form a cultural expression, but the ways that author represents the societal cultures of queer, exile, of color, and Cuban in her work.

In what ways has this CE shaped your plans for the future?
In the future, I feel more equipped to research and write about a topic at length after this Connecting Experience. I have learned that working on a topic that you are passionate about makes a huge difference on the final quality of your work, but realistic and tangible goals are the key to moving forward with independent research. Also, I have learned the value of getting others perspectives and opinions on your work.

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Past Cultural Studies Connecting Experiences

There is no “list” of possible Connecting Experiences to choose from because Connecting Experiences are designed to fit your own personal interests and goals. With that in mind, here are some of the internship and research experiences Cultural Studies students have had in the past. They might help you get started brainstorming what you might want to do for your Connecting Experiences.

Past Internship Placements

Past Research Projects

In the past, students have conducted research on

  • The Afro-Brazilian martial art form Capoeira
  • Communism as an anti-American identity
  • Cultural diplomacy in Castiglione Fiorentino, Italy
  • Identity in the cross-cultural contexts of Salsa dance
  • Impact of race on educational opportunities/inequalities in Brazil in the era of Affirmative Action
  • Spanish missions in El Paso, TX
  • The development of the motion picture
  • Theater dances of Kerala, India
  • Young adults and involvement in social movement