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Creative Project

To have a successful Creative Project Connecting Experience, make sure to

  • Plan ahead so you can meet deadlines
  • Keep in touch with your BDP advisor to discuss your plans

Self Assessment

  • Clarify your interest and objectives relative to your BDP topic
  • Use our Self Assessment worksheet (PDF) to guide you
  • Reflect on your existing and developing skills
  • Think about your goals for your digital portfolio

Defining a Creative Project

  • The Creative Project is an interactive and/or animated project that uses digital media and technology to create an innovative work of digital art.
  • To execute the Creative Project students draw upon the skills and knowledge developed in BDP coursework.
  • Students work under the supervision of two faculty mentors from different departments. The faculty mentors have skills and expertise relevant to the Creative Project.
  • Digital Arts and Media students only are required to complete a Creative Project Connecting Experience.
  • This Creative Project should be a capstone piece in a student’s digital portfolio.


  • Animation of student’s original poem exploring deaf culture and experience
  • Digital comic book with animated panels
  • Storytelling and character design for digital game
  • User interface and design for mobile application
  • Music video with animated elements
  • Hear from students about their creative projects
  • View examples


  • Students may work in pairs or teams on a Creative Project, as long as each student has a distinct and individual role in the project.
  • Students may collaborate with peers who are not enrolled in the Digital Arts and Media BDP.
  • Students interested in working on a team-based game development project for the Creative Project should apply to the Game Development Capstone Course.