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The Bridge - Fall 2017

The Bridge is the Bridging Disciplines Programs newsletter to share news and student stories with BDP friends and alumni. View archived editions of The Bridge.

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Fifteen Years of Bridging Disciplines

From four concentrations and eight students to 15 active certificates serving over 700 students, the Bridging Disciplines Programs have a strong history of growth and innovation with more new initiatives on the horizon. Learn more about BDPs’ founding and get a glimpse into the future of the program with program director, Dr. Jeanette Herman.

Introducing the BDP Alumni Advisory Group

With the number of students who have graduated with a BDP certificate steadily growing and the investment our alumni have in giving back to the program, developing an alumni advisory group was the next step to draw on the experiences and expertise of our alumni. Already, we are seeing how this group’s energy and ideas are benefiting the program, current students, and other alumni. Read about the initiatives the BDP Alumni Advisory Group is working on and meet its inaugural members.

BDP Faculty Panel Chair Honored for Innovation in Art and Technology

Bruce Pennycook, chair of the Faculty Panel for the Digital Arts & Media BDP, professor in the Butler School of Music, and director of the Center for Arts and Entertainment Technology, was awarded the 2017 Cale McDowell Award for Innovation in Undergraduate Studies for his innovation in undergraduate programming at The University of Texas at Austin. Read more about his efforts and the Cale McDowell Award.

Social Inequality, Health & Policy BDP Student Assists with HIV Research at NYU

Maheen Shakil, who is pursuing a BDP in Social Inequality, Health & Policy, spent the summer of 2017 in New York at the NYU Center for Health, Identity, Behavior, and Prevention Studies, where she assisted in HIV research. This experience opened her eyes to interacting with research participants – not just data – and reignited her passion for research work. Learn more about her internship.

Innovation, Creativity & Entrepreneurship BDP Student Explores Environmental Startup

During his internship with Urban Mining Company, Jacob Hethcock drew on his engineering knowledge to uncover removal and recycling methods for the environmentally focused startup. The Mechanical Engineering major, who is completing a BDP in Innovation, Creativity & Entrepreneurship, also honed his professional communication skills and discovered a desire to incorporate altruism into his future career. Read more about his internship.

Ethics & Leadership Graduate’s BDP Experience Enhanced Her Career in Education and International Development

Shelby Carvalho graduated in May 2011, completing simultaneous majors in Government and Humanities and a BDP Certificate in Ethics & Leadership with a concentration in Politics, Law and Social Justice. Her educational and career experiences have taken her around the globe. Read more about how BDP helped her develop skills to approach her work from interdisciplinary perspectives.