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Meet BDP Alumni

Bridging Disciplines Programs alumni have built extraordinary professional and academic careers since earning their certificates. Click a BDP alum’s name to learn about his or her BDP experience and career path. If you’re an alum, we’d love to hear what you’re doing! Share your story or make updates.

Johnny Sompholphardy
Major: Chemical Engineering
BDP Certificate: Environment & Sustainability
Graduation Year: Spring 2012

I work for Covestro as a Site Infrastructure Improve and Run Engineer. I track site infrastructure assets for better maintenance and improvement recommendations.

Location: Houston, TX, USA

“My BDP experience gave me the means to work outside of my comfort zone and apply myself in a way my major didn't easily offer.”
Jose Ricardo Espitia
Major: International Relations and Global Studies, Geography
BDP Certificate: Social Entrepreneurship & Non-profits
Graduation Year: Spring 2014

I am a youth development facilitator with the United States Peace Corps.

Location: Antique, Philippines

“This work would be much more challenging if I had not had an interdisciplinary education that simultaneously encouraged me to research, study, and be hands-on with my curriculum.”
Kate Mowrey
Major: Human Biology, emphasis on Genetics and Biotechnology
BDP Certificate: Children & Society
Graduation Year: Spring 2014

I work for Baylor College of Medicine as a research technician. I perform a variety of experiments as a part of the Knock out Mouse Project (KOMP), which is an NIH-funded initiative to systematically generate mutant embryonic stem cells for every gene in the mouse genome, eventually using that information to generate new models for human diseases.

Location: Houston, TX

“My interdisciplinary education has whole-heartedly prepared me to pursue my next step of entering graduate school.”
Katie Brehm
Major: Marketing, Business Honors Program
BDP Certificate: Ethics & Leadership
Graduation Year: Spring 2009

I am a research associate at L2 Think Tank.

Location: New York, NY

"The BDP Connecting Experiences were invaluable to my development of quantitative and analytical skills."
Katie Tiller
Major: English
BDP Certificate: Digital Arts & Media
Graduation Year: Spring 2013

I am an artist for Multimedia Games.

Location: Austin, TX

"I had an interest in web, graphic, and game design, and the BDP allowed me to take classes that explored those topics more in-depth."
Kevin Martin
Major: Government, History, Humanities Honors
Graduation Year: Spring 2011

I am an English teaching assistant working in Malaysia through the Fulbright U.S. Student Program.

Location: Besut, Malaysia

“I had a few majors, but my BDP was the glue that bound my coursework and my fieldwork together.”
Major: Geography, Government
BDP Certificate: Environment & Sustainability
Graduation Year: Spring 2010

I am a Policy Analyst with the State of Texas Comptroller’s Office. I assist in the development of voluntary, cost-effective conservation measures for the stakeholders of Texas. The goal is to make sure the state can promote the economy and sustain the natural resources.

Location: Austin, TX

"I learned from the Bridging Disciplines Programs that the link between two completely separate areas of study is just as important as the areas of study themselves."
Kristen Carson
BDP Certificate: Ethics & Leadership
Graduation Year: Spring 2009

I am the founder and CEO of, a website that helps students plan for college.

Location: Austin, TX

"Through a Connecting Experience scholarship, the BDP office helped sponsor my research in England, which led to an experience that is probably the single most influential time in my life."
Laramie Stroud headshot
Major: American Studies, Government
BDP Certificate: Human Rights & Social Justice
Graduation Year: Fall 2013

I work for the Texas House of Representatives as a Legislative Director where I research, develop, and advance members’ legislative agendas.

Location: Austin, TX

“Interdisciplinary education prepared me to think critically across multiple subject matters and disciplines.”
Major: Radio-Television-Film
BDP Certificate: Innovation, Creativity & Entrepreneurship
Graduation Year: Spring 2012

After graduating from UT, I founded Red Herring Productions, for which I am also a writer and producer.

Location: Austin, TX

"Interdisciplinary education gets you thinking outside of the box, and gives you multiple tools to build your own success."