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Kate Mowrey

Kate Mowrey
Human Biology, emphasis on Genetics and Biotechnology
Graduation Year:
Spring 2014
BDP Certificate:
Children & Society
“My interdisciplinary education has whole-heartedly prepared me to pursue my next step of entering graduate school.”

Discuss your general career path since graduating from UT.

After graduating from UT, I knew I wanted to gain more hands-on lab experience in the field of genetics before applying to graduate school. Since I am originally from Houston, TX, I had the opportunity to pursue research opportunities in the heart of the Texas Medical Center. Since accepting my position as a research technician at Baylor College of Medicine, I have had to chance to learn so much about inner-workings of a research facility and interact with many different medical professionals.

How did your BDP experience influence your career path and interests?

Before my BDP experience, I already had the intention of pursuing a masters degree in genetic counseling. As a human biology major, I wanted to use my time during my undergraduate studies to solidify a strong foundation in the social sciences as well. Choosing to pursue the interdisciplinary certificate in Children & Society allowed to take classes such as Family Communication and Sociology of The Family, all of which will be extremely useful when I enter my graduate studies.

What do you value most about your BDP experience?

What I most valued about my BDP experience was my Connecting Experiences. For one Connecting Experience, I worked as a research assistant for Dr. Neal-Beever at the Child Development in Context Lab, studying early developmental markers for Autism Spectrum Disorder. My other Connecting Experience was as an intern for United Way of Greater Austin’s Success By Six Program, analyzing data in respect to the benefits of early intervention for low-income children. Both experiences were great opportunities to apply what I had been studying.

In what ways did an interdisciplinary education prepare you for what you are currently doing?

My interdisciplinary education has whole-heartedly prepared me to pursue my next step of entering graduate school. It allowed me to develop a unique perspective on many topics, ones that I hope to successfully apply throughout my future studies and career path. Having the chance to learn under the wonderful faculty at UT and work alongside them during my Connecting Experiences has provided me with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to pursue a career in genetic counseling.