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School-Wide Standards and Procedures

The School of Undergraduate Studies (UGS) values assessment and its use across all programs and university-wide initiatives. We’d like to ensure that all UGS staff are using standardized best practices for conducting assessment and communicating data effectively. Below are a list of expectations that all UGS programs are encouraged to follow.

Assessment Planning & Reporting

1. The UGS Assessment Office collaborates with each program to develop an assessment plan and logic model that includes mission statement, goals, major activities and expected program outcomes. Please report any changes to program assessment plans or logic models to the UGS Assessment Office.

2. Annual program assessment plans and reports for institutional accreditation purposes are created in collaboration with appropriate program leadership and staff and submitted in TracDat every October 1st by the UGS Assessment Office. Learn more.

3. Annual program assessment infographics are developed by the UGS Assessment Office in collaboration with appropriate program leadership and staff.

4. We’d like to help UGS staff use standardized best practices for analyzing and reporting quantitative and qualitative data that will be publicly presented, published, or used to determine program impacts/changes. Please submit a Project Request Form for assistance. Projects will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Assessment Management

5. Staff who have primary responsibility for the program are engaged in assessment planning, implementation, analysis, and decision-making.

6. All UGS programs must have a process in place to ensure that assessment plans are implemented and results are accurately documented in a timely manner.

7. We’d like to help UGS staff follow standardized procedures for developing and administering assessment materials. The following materials must be reviewed and approved (on a case-by-case basis) by the UGS Assessment Office before administered or submitted to intended stakeholders for purposes related to measuring program outcomes or conducting program evaluation or research:

  • Surveys that will be administered to students
  • Focus group or interview protocols
  • IRB applications and materials

To gain approval of assessment materials or to request assistance, please submit a Project Request Form.

8. All assessment efforts must follow FERPA policies and guidelines to protect the privacy of participants involved in UGS assessment/research initiatives. Learn more.

For questions, please contact UGS Director of Assessment and Professional Development, Dr. Jennifer Nailos.