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In conjunction with the internship, students will pursue courses in government and communication studies taught by faculty from UT and the Washington, D.C., community. Students will earn 15 hours of upper-division course credit in government and communication studies consisting of three academic courses and six hours of internship credit. Specifically, the courses are:

  • GOV 662L: Archer Center Washington Internship—D.C.
  • GOV 370L: Policy Making Process—D.C.
  • CMS 372D: Politics of National Memory—D.C.
  • CMS 373D: Advocacy in Politics—D.C., taught by UT’s John Daly, Ph.D.

Students are strongly advised to consult their academic advisors to learn how the classes above will fit in their degree plans. Please note that some colleges and departments limit the number of hours of internship that may count toward the major or the degree.

Because the courses count as in-residence credit, graduating seniors may participate during their final semesters.

Please note: Because of the $4,900 special program fee that replaces standard flat-rate UT tuition and fees, students may not register in any additional hours during the semester they participate. Students may be enrolled only in the 15 hours above. Therefore, honors students may not enroll in thesis hours, and spring semester participants may not enroll in a Maymester course.

Additionally, students may not use tuition installment plan the semester they participate in the Archer Fellowship Program.