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Panel Interview Tips

Don’t let the fact that you are being evaluated by multiple people multiply your anxiety. A panel interview isn’t that different from a one-on-one interview. They follow the same format, require the same formal attire and communication, and evaluate candidates on the same criteria. The only real difference is that there will be anywhere from five to ten people critiquing how well you meet these criteria.

Proper preparation and reflection are crucial for success in any interview, but there are some unique aspects to a panel interview.

Here are some tips to help you navigate the room with confidence

  • Shake everyone’s hand when you enter and when you finish your interview
    • You don’t need to repeat your name every time and you don’t need to rush
    • Think about greeting each person as if they were the only person interviewing you
  • Make eye contact with every member of the panel
    • If each interviewer is asking a question primarily engage the person who posed the question but try to lock gaze with least one other person during each response
    • If one interviewer is asking all of the questions make a conscious effort to engage every panel member more than once, for at least a solid minute and in relatively equal amounts