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These interview practice tips can make you a more polished and effective interviewee.

  • Write out talking points and practice your responses aloud
  • Record or videotape yourself
    • Review what you record and identify areas for improvement
    • Take note of any distracting nonverbal behaviors
    • Cut excess details and add clarifying information
  • Consult a career coach or friend to help you refine your talking points
    • Identify where your responses might offend or reflect negatively on your character
  • Repeat several times
    • Try to minimize verbal fillers and nervous gestures
    • Test different examples and/ or approaches to explaining an idea or experience

Mock Interviews

Mock interviews are an excellent way to polish your professional communication skills and build your confidence with interviewing. We encourage you to contact your college’s career services office or the Vick Center for Strategic Advising & Career Counseling to schedule a mock interview.

A mock interview is essentially a dress rehearsal for your interview. You will wear interview attire and play the role of interviewee from your initial greeting through the final handshake. Then the career coach/ interviewer will offer a constructive critique of your performance along with suggestions for strengthening content and delivery of your responses. The questions covered in these mock interviews will be similar to what you might encounter in your internship interview. Archer Fellowship Program interviews will have more program-specific questions, but the practice interviewing and overall feedback on your verbal and nonverbal communication will still be very applicable and beneficial.

Can’t make the mock interviews? Practice answering sample interview questions. Videotape yourself and review your own performance or seek input from a friend.