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After applications are reviewed, finalists will be selected to interview with a committee composed of UT faculty and administrators and Archer Center staff.


Selection for the Archer Fellowship is competitive. Interviews are a key factor in the application process, but you don’t have to be a naturally gifted communicator, outspoken advocate, or leader of a student organization to impress in your interview. A little preparation, practice, and these interview strategies and tips will help you deliver your best performance.


Mock interviews are an excellent way to polish your professional communication skills and build your confidence. We encourage you to contact your college’s career services office or to schedule a practice interview through Texas Career Engagement.

Visit our Mock Interview page for more information and resources.


Experiential and collaborative learning, camaraderie, and networking are integral to the Archer Fellow experience. Interviews help the selection committee understand the depths of your passion for policy as well as how and what you might contribute to class and workplace discussions. They also provide insights into your personality, professional, and interpersonal communication skills and how well you would represent the university.

These guiding principles will help you present your best self.

Panel Interview Tips

A panel interview isn’t much different from a one-on-one interview. They follow the same format, require the same formalities in attire and communication, and evaluate candidates on the same criteria. The only real difference is that there will be anywhere from five to ten people critiquing how well you meet these criteria. Visit our Panel Interview page for tips to help you navigate the room with confidence.