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Current Archer Fellows

The following students are representing The University of Texas at Austin in fall 2019 and spring 2020.

Fall 2019 Archer Fellows

  • Perla Aguirre, Government
  • Bhaargavi Ashok, Chemical Engineering
  • Caroline Briscoe, Government
  • Trip Davis, Communication Studies
  • Elisabeth Foster, Sociology and Government
  • Madison Lockett, International Relations and Global Studies
  • Matt Maldonado, Government and Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies
  • Rylee Matousek, Government
  • Holly McDonald, Government
  • Fabiha Mobin, International Relations and Global Studies
  • Emily Moussa, Economics and Government
  • Kellie O’Brien, Government and History
  • Thomas Sipp, Government
  • Margaret Siu, Plan II Honors and English
  • Christian Soenen, Economics, Plan II Honors, and Government
  • Samantha Sparber, Journalism
  • Maria Villegas Bravo, Psychology
  • Sofia Wicks, Government

Spring 2020 Archer Fellows

  • Katelyn Balevic, Journalism and Government
  • Denver Baumgartner, Canfield Business Honors
  • Mary Margaret Burniston, Humanities Honors and Government
  • Juan Daniel Caballero, Sociology
  • Anna Farr, Social Work
  • Parth Gupta, Computational Engineering and Plan II Honors
  • Kaitlin Hindes, Government and Social Work
  • Cassidy Kaye, Theatre Studies
  • Kenwoo Kim, Government
  • Anilya Krishnan, Government and History
  • Kie Lancaster, Finance
  • Scarlett Neely, Plan II Honors and Government
  • Robert O’Boyle, Government
  • Maggie Okhuysen, Government
  • Rittika Pandey, Government
  • Zachary Price, Government
  • Aaron Raj, Finance
  • Jenny Rodriguez, International Relations and Global Studies
  • Grayson Ross, Government and History
  • Steven Sereno, Government
  • Chloe Slusher, Government
  • Jacob Springer, Government and Political Communications
  • Ellen Teuscher, Government and Humanities
  • James Treuthardt, Journalism and Finance