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Current Archer Fellows

The following students are representing The University of Texas at Austin in fall 2017 and spring 2018.

Fall 2017

  • Claire Allbright, Journalism; Government Plan I Honors
  • Marco Amaya, Political Communication
  • Vivek Anand, Chemical Engineering
  • Joshua Armstrong, Government Plan I Honors
  • Diana Ayoub, Economics; Finance
  • Charles “Charlie” Bell, American Studies; Government
  • David Bemporad, Economics Plan I Honors; Government
  • Michael Bloom, Chemical Engineering Engineering Honors
  • Evelin Caro Gutierrez, History; Philosophy
  • Michelle Chun, Corporate Communication; English
  • Aliyah Conley, Plan II Honors; French
  • Jane Cook, Government
  • Jeremy Doran, Political Communication; Rhetoric and Writing Plan I Honors
  • Grace Enda, Government Plan I Honors; Economics
  • Omar Farid, Government; Economics
  • Madeline Hoadley, Government; History
  • Jori Kandra, Chemistry Honors; Economics
  • Jonathan Markel, Aerospace Engineering
  • Thuy Nguyen, Neuroscience; Government
  • Pooja Patel, International relations and Global Studies
  • Mary Phillips, Government Plan I Honors; History
  • Kamia Rathore, Public Health
  • Ashton Sauseda, History
  • Connor Smith, Economics; Government
  • Michael Stanley, History

Spring 2018

  • Megan Abrameit, Psychology Plan I Honors; Humanities Plan I Honors
  • Carley Allen, Government
  • Sebastian de Beurs, Plan II Honors; Government
  • Rachel Bhalla, Government; History
  • Samuel Cervantes, Government; Political Communication
  • Alex Darrow, Government
  • Bridget Guien, Economics; Government
  • Antonio Hernandez, Government; Rhetoric and Writing Liberal Arts Honors
  • Nina Hernandez, Government; Rhetoric and Writing
  • Mitchell Johnson, Mechanical Engineering Engineering Honors
  • Adriel Morgan, Management
  • Jillian Pflederer, Plann II Honors, International Relations and Global Studies
  • Aayush Prasanna, Chemical Engineering
  • Elliott Raia, Government; Economics
  • Gabrielle Rodrigues, English
  • Maximilliano Rombado, Government
  • Bahar Sahami, International Relations and Global Studies
  • Bailet Schumm, Public Health; Government
  • Amar Sheth, Neuroscience Honors
  • Douglas Snyder, Marketing; Government
  • Jann “Renzo” Soto, Philosophy Plan I Honors; Government
  • James Weber, Government
  • Justin Wolf, Government
  • Kirsten Wolfford, Government Plan I Honors

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