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College of Education

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Kayla Frankenstein Kayla Frankenstein
All-Level Special Education
Lampasas, TX • Senior

Resources you used in deciding your major: When I was deciding my major, I used the help of a faculty member in my scholar’s program. She helped me talk through my ideas and internal debates over being a nurse or a teacher. When I was exploring special education, I attended a College of Education information session. They talked me through the classes I needed and the overall degree plan. I was then able to meet with an advisor in the College of Education that further guided me to my major. Talking to my parents about my opportunities also helped because they told me to follow my happiness and passion.

Why did you choose your major? I chose my major because it makes me happy. When I was in high school I was a student aide in the SPED room, and I also earned my license as a Certified Nurse Aide. This lead me to work for home health for 2 years, which I enjoyed very much. The when I applied to UT I was rejected from the nursing school, so I chose to go into UGS where I had time to think more clearly. I compared my happiness in the classroom to my home health job and the classroom won! I had always known I wanted to be a teacher, but I strayed from that when I became a CNA.