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Moody College of Communication

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Mariel Calara Mariel Calara
Communication and Leadership
Harlingen, TX • Senior

Resources you used in deciding your major: Besides researching UT majors online, I made the most out of UGS resources such as Vick Center Career Counseling, Wayfinder, UGS Council and its Career Conversations, taking UGS 107D Exploring Majors, and Interdisciplinary Studies Week. It was also important for me to take exploratory classes, do shadowing, and conduct informational interviews with people in majors of my interest and with professionals.
Why did you choose your major? I chose communication and leadership because its interdisciplinary three-part curriculum focuses on not just interpersonal communication, but ethics, leadership, and social impact too. This has allowed me to delve deeper into interesting and valuable topics and stories I care passionately about. I love my major because it serves as a platform for me to design my undergraduate experience in a way that aligns with my career goals.