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College of Liberal Arts

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Amanda Berthy Amanda Berthy
Spanish | Business Honors Program/Accounting
Keller, TX • Senior

Resources you used in deciding your major: Academic advisors, career counselors, UGS Council events and meetings, Wayfinder, internal transfer information sessions
Why did you choose your major? I chose Spanish because I have always enjoyed learning the language before college and wanted to continue my journey with it at UT! For my business majors, I felt that I gravitated towards the content delivered in these classes based on my discussions with UGS alumni in UGS Council. Ultimately, I felt an interdisciplinary combination of these two would best fit my interests and allow me to take a unique perspective in my career.

Grace Goodman Grace Goodman
Corpus Christi, TX • Junior

Resources you used in deciding your major: I talked to many people at the Vick Center Advising and Career Counseling offices, and they really helped me understand my strengths and talents in academics. I also enjoyed taking all kinds of classes to better understand my interests.
Why did you choose your major? I changed my major twice, and it took my a full two years to figure out what I wanted. I looked inward at what I could see myself doing for the rest of my life and what I could stay passionate about. For me, Classics was something I didn’t realize so many people still worked in, and now I couldn’t be happier in my program.

Ethan Roy Ethan Roy
Mathematics | French

Resources you used in deciding your major: When deciding my major I relied heavily on the Vick Center for advising, and Wayfinder to research all the different degrees. I also attended internal transfer information sessions to get an idea of the application process.
Why did you choose your major? I chose math as I’ve always been interested in numbers and how they work. I had a great experience in my first couple of math classes at UT and the upper-division classes in the degree plan really interested me. I chose French as I really like the language and the classes have been a nice change of pace from all the math heavy material in my other classes.