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McCombs School of Business

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Amanda Berthy Amanda Berthy
Spanish | Business Honors Program/Accounting
Keller, TX • Senior

Resources you used in deciding your major: Academic advisors, career counselors, UGS Council events and meetings, Wayfinder, internal transfer information sessions
Why did you choose your major? I chose Spanish because I have always enjoyed learning the language before college and wanted to continue my journey with it at UT! For my business majors, I felt that I gravitated towards the content delivered in these classes based on my discussions with UGS alumni in UGS Council. Ultimately, I felt an interdisciplinary combination of these two would best fit my interests and allow me to take a unique perspective in my career.

Emily McCullough Emily McCullough
Supply Chain Management
Austin, TX | Senior

Resources used in deciding your major: Vick Center career counselor, student organization (University Finance Association!), talking to upperclassmen, FIG
Why did you choose your major? I chose Supply Chain Management because I knew that I would learn valuable business skills that would give me flexibility in what I want to do after college. The classes in the degree plan give you a good combination of soft-skills needed for business, like negotiation tactics, and quantitative skills, like process analysis. Also, all of the Supply Chain upperclassmen I talked to absolutely loved their classes and the opportunities they had for internships, which were in a variety of areas.

Ishi Tripathi Ishi Tripathi
Chemical Engineering | Finance
Allen, TX • Junior

Resources you used in deciding your major: UGS Academic and Career Advisors, Engineering and Business Info Sessions, LinkedIn, Wayfinder, Alumni Guides/upperclassmen, UT degree plans
Why did you choose your major? For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to work towards affordability in healthcare. But could never find a single major to help me get there, and could never choose between the STEM side and the business side of my dreams. So, after a lot of soul searching and resource-exploring, I decided to pursue both: by double majoring in chemical engineering and finance!