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Undergraduate Studies Advisory Committee (UGSAC) 2012-2013

Lawrence D. Abraham, Ex Officio
Interim Dean, School of Undergraduate Studies

Associate and Assistant Deans

Mark Bernstein
Associate Dean, College of Communication

Richard Flores
Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts

Sacha Kopp
Associate Dean, College of Natural Sciences

Vicki Packheiser
Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Programs, School of Social Work

David Platt
Associate Dean, McCombs School of Business

Gerald Speitel
Associate Dean, College of Engineering

Members of the General Faculty

Charlotte Canning
Professor, Theatre and Dance

Patricia Carter
Associate Professor, School of Nursing

Catherine Cubbin
Associate Professor, School of Social Work

Lee Ann Kahlor
Associate Professor, Departments of Advertising and Women’s & Gender Studies

Xiaofen Keating
Associate Professor, Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Desmond Lawler
Department of Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering

Faculty Council/Educational Policy Liaison

Christine Julien
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Thor Lund
Student Government President

Michael Morton
Senate of College Councils President