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Undergraduate Studies Advisory Committee 2006-2007

Paul B. Woodruff, Ex Officio
Dean of Undergraduate Studies

Cale McDowell, Ex Officio
Special Assistant to the Dean

Associate Deans

Mark Bernstein
Associate Dean, College of Communication

Pat Davis
Associate Dean, College of Pharmacy

David Dolling
Associate Dean, College of Engineering

Richard Flores
Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts

David Laude
Associate Dean, College of Natural Sciences

Urton Anderson
Associate Dean, McCombs School of Business

Members of the General Faculty

David Hillis
Professor, Integrative Biology

Brent Iverson
Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Larry Speck
Professor, Architecture

Laura Starks
Professor, Finance

James Vick
Professor, Mathematics

Sam Wilson
Professor, Anthropology


Kate Nanney
Senate of College Councils Representative

Keshav Rajagopalan
Student Government Representative