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Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Diversity Statement

The School of Undergraduate Studies is an academic home for people of diverse interests, backgrounds, and experiences. We believe inclusion drives innovation.

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Dean’s Message on Diversity

In spring 2017, the university’s Division of Diversity and Community Engagement (DDCE) published an action plan to examine how UT can provide the best education possible for students from all backgrounds. Part of that plan included the charge that each college, school, and unit should implement a committee that would address diversity and inclusion when it came to hiring as well as establishing a culture that is supportive of diverse people and ideas.

To that end, we created the School of Undergraduate Studies Diversity and Inclusion Committee to suggest programming and policies to help make our school a more welcoming and supportive environment for everyone.

It’s the committee’s role to facilitate this school-wide dialogue, and it’s up to all of us to contribute to this important initiative. I encourage each of you to contact a committee member with your thoughts and ideas around these topics and others.

—Brent Iverson, Dean


The UGS Diversity and Inclusion Committee cultivates and maintains a respectful and inclusive climate for marginalized cultures, identities, expressions, and experiences through ongoing advocacy, education, and leadership initiatives that support the well-being of all.

18–19 Accomplishments

In keeping with guidance from the Office of Inclusion and Equity’s toolkit for Diversity and Inclusion Committees, UGS’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee spent its second full year focusing on data collection. In collaboration with Dr. Laura Costello, UGS’s Director of Assessment, the committee designed a two-part climate survey, which will be administered to UGS students at the end of their first year and again when they transfer out of UGS. The data from this survey will help us identify student needs and help guide the college’s diversity and inclusion work in future years.

In addition to focusing on data collection, the committee also focused on nurturing diversity and inclusion in the classroom through the development of an Inclusive Classrooms Award for Signature Course faculty. Beginning in fall 2019, students in Signature Courses will be able to nominate professors who create a welcoming and accessible environment for all students. We believe that the award will allow UGS to highlight and disseminate innovative practices for inclusion.

Committee Members

Jamie Beard, Blackstone Launch Pad
Amanda Berthy, UGS Council
Anne Bradley, UGS Dean’s Office
Patty Micks, First-Year Experience
Olyvia Moriarty, Discovery Scholars Program
Tressa Olsen, Bridging Disciplines Programs
Hillary Procknow, Texas Success Initiative
Paige Schilt, Sanger Learning Center
Tamela Walker, UGS Business Office
Pam Way, Sanger Learning Center
Lin Winton, Center for Skills and Experience Flags

Report a Campus Climate Incident

Do you have concerns about a campus climate incident but you are not sure what to do? If so, please contact the Campus Climate Response Team by submitting your concerns using the Campus Climate Incident Online Report Form.