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Signature Course Advisory Committee (SCAC)

A number of UT faculty members have taken on a leadership role with regard to the organization and administration of the Signature Course program. Representing a diverse set of disciplines, areas of expertise, and perspectives, this committee provides oversight to the Signature Course program with the breadth and depth it needs to continue to flourish.

  • Lori Holleran Steiker, Ph.D. (School of Social Work)
    Faculty representative, Chair
  • Patricia Carter, Ph.D. (School of Nursing)
    Faculty representative
  • Robert Crosnoe, Ph.D. (College of Liberal Arts)
    Faculty representative
  • Patrick Davis, Ph.D. (College of Pharmacy)
    Faculty representative
  • Juan Dominguez, Ph.D. (College of Liberal Arts)
    Faculty representative
  • Ann Johns, Ph.D. (College of Fine Arts)
    Faculty representative
  • Patty Moran Micks (Signature Course Program Coordinator)
    Ex-officio member
  • Rachel Osterloh, President, Senate of College Councils
    Student representative
  • Michael Starbird, Ph.D. (College of Natural Sciences)
    Faculty representative

Learn about the mission and role of the SCAC.