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Contact Us

Unless you have a question or concern that is for a specific Signature Course staff member, please call the general Signature Course line at 512-471-4421 or email us.


The FYE Office is located in the Flawn Academic Center, room 338.


Patty Moran Micks, Director
Main contact for:
Course proposals
Faculty members
TA training

Michelle Hiatt, Program Coordinator/Registration Manager
Main contact for:
Course proposals
Signature Course and FIG Scheduling
Faculty members

Kristen Nonus, Administrative Associate
Main contact for:
Course Instructor Surveys
Signature Course Events

Kaytlen Powers, Administrative Assistant
Main contact for:
Course Scheduling Questions
Final Exams
TA Questions

Please Note: The staff in the Vick Center for Strategic Advising & Career Counseling is available to consult with you on any questions about core petitions, including signature course petitions, you or your advisor may have. Make an appointment online .