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Undergraduate Researchers

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Ankit Sharma
Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Ankit’s undergraduate research project looked at nanowalls as a potential material for light sensors.

“I’ve learned just as much about collaboration as I have about nanoelectronics.”
Annie Albrecht
Major: Plan II (Honors); International Relations and Global Studies

Annie’s undergraduate research topic is The Dehumanization and Objectification of Soldiers in Postmortem War Photography.

"The skills I picked up through participating in research have carried over to many other endeavors as well. I feel like I have a leg up in many of my classes."
Ava Ibanez
Major: Marine and Freshwater Biology

For her undergraduate research project, Ava went to UT’s Marine Science Institute to study the hypoxic dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico.

“Experiencing the field gives you a new outlook on research and allows you to appreciate the complexity of the environment, which in turn serves as a great tool when working in lab.”
Charlie Saginaw
Major: History

Charlie’s undergraduate research topic was The Discovery of Hunger in America: The Politics of Race, Hunger, and Malnutrition, 1965-1975.

“Learning how to conduct primary source research challenged me to think more deeply, problem solve, and ask thought-provoking questions.”
Christina Kent
Major: Economics and Mathematics

Christina traveled to Mongolia to conduct research on poverty and vocational training as part of her undergraduate research experience.

“It was extremely empowering to be able to challenge theories put forth by leading economists.”
Christine Nbemeneh
Major: Liberal Arts Honors, Government, and Public Relations

Christine’s undergraduate research on black business history led to her becoming the founding associate editor of a new undergraduate research journal.

“We are taking the lessons we’ve learned in the classroom, conducting scholarly research, and applying it to our lives and future careers.”
Cody Lee
Major: English

Cody’s undergraduate research topic is Nature, Divinity, and Ecology in Cormac McCarthy’s The Crossing.

“I think people underestimate how much research good fiction writers, such as [Cormac] McCarthy, actually do.”
Daniel Grube

Daniel’s undergraduate research topic is How does the Senate talk about the Middle East?

"Research is unique in that you never know what your results will tell you; it is a surprising and exhilarating process."
Dany Haddad
Major: Electrical Engineering

Dany’s undergraduate research topic is Remote Monitoring and Control of an Electric Vehicle Charging Station.

"I feel that I am more involved in the academic community and am truly working towards a better future."
Dara Oke
Major: Computer Science

Dara’s undergraduate research consisted of a photojournalistic history of black-owned businesses in Austin.

“I've always been the type of person that yearned to find answers to lingering questions.”