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Undergraduate Researchers

Click on a researcher to learn more about his or her undergraduate research experience. Visit the student success page for stories from all Undergraduate Studies programs.

Divya Ramamoorthy
Major: Biomedical Engineering and Plan II

Divya’s undergraduate research investigated the properties of heart muscle cells.

“Reading as many articles as I could helped me better understand the meaning behind my research project.”
Duan Quach
Major: Nutritional Science
Graduation Year: Spring 2013

Duan’s undergraduate research topics is Assessment of Omega-3 Fatty Acids’ Effect on Attenuating Obesity-induced Cyclooxygenase-2 Activation and Aromatase Expression in Breast Cancer Cells and Adipose Stromal Cells.

"Research has allowed me to meet many great people with valuable knowledge and experience."
Elissa Ludeman
Major: Anthropology

Elissa’s undergraduate research topic was Cochlear Labyrinth Volume Reconstruction and Predicted Hearing Abilities in the Fossil Primates Mahgarita stevensi and Rooneyia viejaensis

“The single most rewarding part of my research experience is opportunity; every skill I have learned and person I have been lucky enough to meet has been another door opening.”
Eva Valilis
Major: Public Health (Honors)

Eva’s undergraduate research topic is Best Practices of Flu Vaccine Delivery.

"I did not expect so much freedom, and I am grateful that I am able to explore methods of epidemiological research using my own strategies."
Evan Delord
Major: Neuroscience

Evan took part in undergraduate research by using computer modeling to uncover the computational principles of the cerebellum.

“My freshman year I joined the Computational Evolution FRI stream to explore research as a career option and found that research, particularly computational research, was a great fit for me.”
Garrett Fair
Major: Business Honors Program & Mathematics

Garrett’s undergraduate research topic was The Gatekeepers: A Study of Credit Rating Agency Analysts and Their Role in the Financial Crisis.

“Even if you’re not interested in graduate school or a Ph.D., you can still build a very valuable skill set from working in research that can be useful in future jobs.”
George Kimson III
Major: Arabic Language and Literature; International Relations and Global Studies

George’s undergraduate research topic is Ideologies of the Arabic Language.

“Getting involved in research teaches you to be a self-motivated learner/worker, which is something that I am sure will benefit me in the future.”
Guadalupe Jasso
Major: Biochemistry

Guadalupe’s undergraduate research topic is Contribution of Thymic Stromal Cells to T-ALL.

“I love the lab environment: you are surrounded by people that love the same area that you do!”
Hector Cantu
Major: Economics and Mathematics

Hector’s undergraduate research experience sent him to Poland to conduct a comparative analysis of U.S. and E.U. labor and tax laws.

“Don’t be afraid to get involved in what you like.”
Ignacio Cruz
Major: Communication Studies, focusing on Corporate Communication

Ignacio’s undergraduate research thesis examines the effect of technology on organizational communication.

“It’s an amazing feeling standing in front of a room of people and sharing your work.”