Advanced Design Studio Spain/Learning from the Compact City

Exhibition of the work of fourth and fifth year undergraduates enrolled in Professor Juan Miró’s Spring 2017 Studio Spain: Learning from the Compact City. Research questions: How can Austin’s growth incorporate successfully the Compact City model? The answer to this question is at the heart of the investigations of this studio. What can we learn from Compact Cities in Spain? What can we learn from researching and understanding the differences between the Landscape and the Compact City models?

Diversity in Research

Research requires the integration of many scientific contributions. The rich diversity of discoveries reflects the rich diversity of the contributors. The Research Student Advisory Council is dedicated to improving the undergraduate research experience across all colleges at UT. Inspired by the multidisciplinarity and diversity of our members, RSAC is hosting a Research Week event to highlight the different faces of research. The event is centered around a panel discussion of UT faculty members who collectively represent the many departments and experiences of researchers.