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Students wishing to submit a Flag Substitution Petition may use the link below to access the online Flag Petition form. Before accessing the form, please read all of the information on this page to learn what kind of courses may and may not be petitioned, and please read the criteria for the Flag you are petitioning to ensure that you understand the requirements for that Flag. In evaluating petitions, we will be looking to see whether the course you wish to substitute meets all of the criteria for the Flag, based on the course syllabus and any other information you submit.

Submit a Flag Substitution Petition

The online petition system will ask you for the following information

  • Semester and year in which you took the course
  • Institution where you took the course
  • Course title and instructor
  • Course number where you took the course
  • UT course equivalency number
  • You must upload a complete syllabus, including a week-by-week breakdown of assignments
  • You will have the option to upload additional supporting documents

If you have questions about the petitions process or want to schedule a consultation with a Flag Advisor you can reach us via email. Please include your UT EID in all emails. For all other Flags-related questions, please call the Center for the Skills & Experience Flags office at 512-232-4711.

Flag Criteria

In order to successfully complete your Flag petition, you must demonstrate that the course meets the Flag criteria

Courses You Can Petition

  • Study abroad courses
  • University Extension courses
  • In-residence courses taken for a letter grade
  • Transfer courses from other colleges or universities taken for a letter grade

Courses Not Eligible for Flag Credit

  • Dual credit courses (courses taken prior to high school graduation)
  • Credit-by-exam courses, including courses for which you received AP credit
  • Any course of less than three weeks (fewer than 21 days)
  • Pass/Fail courses

Transfer Credit

The Flags, a unique and innovative feature of a UT Austin degree, are designed to be UT Austin courses and requirements. As such, most students will satisfy their Flag requirements with courses that are taken at UT Austin as part of their degree plans.

In some cases, transfer credit taken after high school graduation and accepted by the Office of Admissions (directly equivalent to a UT course number, general credit within a field of study, or general elective credit) may be used to satisfy Flag requirements if approved by the Flag petitions committee. Transfer courses of less than three weeks (fewer than 21 calendar days), will not be approved for Flag credit.

Please note that transfer courses do not automatically satisfy Flag requirements, even in cases where the UT Austin course equivalent does carry a Flag. Any student who wishes to substitute a Flag requirement with a transfer course must submit a petition. The petitions are evaluated to determine if the course satisfies the criteria for the Flag, at a level of rigor appropriate for UT Austin courses.

Many transfer courses satisfy state Core requirements, but will not satisfy Flag requirements. Please note that there is a separate process for petitioning and evaluating Flag credit, and transfer courses do not automatically satisfy both requirements.

We recommend that before submitting a Flag petition students read the Flag Criteria and consider whether they feel the course that they took satisfies the requirements.

If you transfer to a different college or school after your petition is approved, the approved Flag will not automatically follow you to your new college. You must contact a Flag Advisor, provided that you still need the Flag.