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Interdisciplinary FIGs

Interdisciplinary First-year Interest Groups (iFIGs) are theme-based learning communities, which focus on topics of interest that appeal to students across disciplines. Similar to college-based FIGs, iFIGs fulfill the first-year student’s 360 Connections requirement and are led by a peer mentor and a staff facilitator.

Each iFIG consists of roughly 17 students who meet in a weekly seminar setting, where they share snacks, resources, and experiences. Students also attend two academic classes together based on their theme: a UGS 303 Signature Course and a social science course, both of which satisfy parts of the UT core curriculum. Best of all, any first-year student can enroll in an iFIG, giving them the opportunity to start building a social network with individuals outside of their majors and colleges.

If you are interested in registering for an iFIG, please bring this up during your academic advising session at orientation. If you or your advisor have any questions, feel free to email the FIG Office or call us at (512) 471-4421.

For a PDF version of the iFIG clusters listed below, please download our iFIGs brochure.

2016 iFIG Clusters

Gender & Sexuality
UGS 018 First-Year Interest Group SMNR
UGS 303 Human Rights: Law/Lit/Culture
ANT 302 Cultural Anthropology

U.S. Multiculturalism
UGS 018 First-Year Interest Group SMNR
ANT 302 Cultural Anthropology
UGS 303 US Public Ed: Promise/Peril

Health & Wellness
UGS 018 First-Year Interest Group SMNR
UGS 303 Sleep: Are We Getting Enough?
H S 301 Intro to Health and Society

UGS 018 First-Year Interest Group SMNR
UGS 303 Sustaining a Planet
GRG 305 This Human World: Intro to GRG

Jefferson Scholars FIG (open only to Jefferson Scholar Students)
UGS 018 First-Year Interest Group SMNR
CH 301 Principles of Chemistry I
UGS 303 The Challenge of the Greeks

Hutchison Scholars (Open only to Hutchison International Scholars)
UGS 018 First-Year Interest Group SMNR
UGS 303 Ideas of the 20th Century
SOC 302 Intro to the Study of Society